Oak Creek, Ariz

Water. Acqua. Agua.Voda.Vesi. Wasser. Uisce. Apă. Maji. Tubig. De L’eau.

Many people do not consider the importance of water until something terrible happens. Because less than 1 percent of water on our planet is drinkable, we need to be more aware of how our actions affect the water in our area. Arizona is a desert state where most of the state receives less than 12 inches of rainfall annually. That amount of rainfall is not enough to satisfy the thirst of approximately  6,392,017 people in Arizona.

Arizona gets a great portion of its water from the Colorado River because it is a basin state. Years ago many disputes took place about which states would get water from the Colorado River and how much.  Arizona also receives water from various rivers such as Gila, Salt, Verde and Agua Fria. There are also lots of man-made lakes throughout the state.

This blog will address issues on all fronts with water being the center idea. The research is out there, my goal is to present it in a way that helps the general public understand it. Water is the greatest asset we have in life and we need to understand it in order to appreciate it.


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